While we may be home to one of the widest selections of new and used Subaru vehicles in Silver Spring, we also employ Subaru dealers who know everything there is to know about the connection between off-roading and a great set of tires. Here at Herb Gordon Subaru, we’re big believers of adventure, and before you embark on your next one, you should be sure your tires are up for the task.  

Tires are more than just the set of four rubber wheels that you roll around on; they’re the foundation of your vehicle and ought to be treated as such. While a standard set of street tires should have no issue doing what you need them to on pavement, they’ll struggle once you introduce new varying types of terrain. While nearly all Subaru vehicles are equipped with a ground-gripping all-wheel-drivetrain, sometimes these dynamic pieces of machinery aren’t enough; sometimes you need a nice set of off-road tires.  

If you plan to take your Subaru vehicle off of the pavement and into the great wilderness, we highly recommend that you purchase a reliable set of off-road tires. Off-road tires are several leagues above your standard street tire. Equipped with deep grooves of tread, and far more durable than any street tire, off-road tires are specifically designed to handle the often unpredictable terrain of the trail. Sand, dirt, mud, snow, and gravel can all pose a challenge, and off-road tires are certainly up for it. Although, if you’re looking to install a set of off-road tires to your vehicle, you should first consult the help of a team of technical auto experts.  

At Herb Gordon Subaru you’ll find a fully equipped Subaru service center complete with the knowledge and equipment you need to take on the great outdoors. Our goal at Herb Gordon Subaru is to be your one and only source for all things automotive related, whether you’re hoping to venture into the great unknown or simply commute safely from work to home.

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