Why Summer Car Care Is Important

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At Herb Gordon Subaru, we understand the value of driving a vehicle that is reliable through and through. That said, our Subaru car dealers also understand that in order to ensure the reliability of your vehicle, you’ll need to keep up with seasonal maintenance, and no season is as hard on a vehicle as summer.

Summer can be a pretty carefree time of the year. Between the road trips, beach days, and long days by the BBQ pit, it can be easy to forget about automotive maintenance. That said, ensuring your car is equipped to handle the rise in temperature can make a huge difference in your overall driving experience, and it can save you from finding yourself stuck on the side of the road with an overheated engine.

Speaking of heat, it is possibly the worst enemy of your engine. While it may seem at first that your engine is supposed to run hot, there is only so much heat this delicate piece of machinery can handle. Your radiator and the coolant that courses through it is intended to tamp down the temperature of your engine. Although, when not serviced, your engine’s cooling system can be put under significant strain and may not be able to keep temperatures at optimal levels. In order to prevent this, we always recommend that drivers have their radiator and coolant levels inspected before taking on any summer driving.

Tires are also pretty important in the realm of summertime maintenance. Your tires are responsible for a lot and can take quite the beating. That said, you should still inspect the health of your tires at least every season to ensure you’re still rolling on good foundations. Heat can cause a tire's air pressure to rise, the rubber to degrade and thus crack, and tread to separate, all of which is why it's important to ensure your tires are in optimal condition.

Of course, we couldn’t recommend the value of having a skilled Subaru service technician by your side through the entire summer car care process. Summer maintenance can be demanding, but our team at Herb Gordon Subaru are here to help make things as simple and straightforward as possible.

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