We know that making the decision between buying and leasing your new Subaru can be difficult. Perhaps you would like to build equity through buying a vehicle or if you love the feel of a new vehicle every couple years, leasing may be your ideal solution. To help determine which option might be the best fit for you, we've put together the biggest differences between buying and leasing. Once you've made a decision or if you're still unsure, contact a member of our team who will be happy to further discuss your options.
Buying Leasing
The vehicle is yours at the end of the financing term.

 You can either return your vehicle at the end of its lease, purchase the vehicle for a predetermined price or trade-in for a new lease or purchase.
Buying Leasing
Up-front costs include the down payment, taxes, registration, other fees, or cash cost of the vehicle.
 Leasing typically requires less money up-front with a minimum first month's payment required.

Buying Leasing
Paying for the vehicle's entire purchase price makes monthly loan payments higher than lease payments on average. Monthly payments are usually lower than monthly loan payments because you are paying only for the vehicle's depreciation. 

Buying Leasing
You are responsible for maintaining manufacturer's specifications. Over time, your higher mileage vehicle will require more maintenance. 

 You are required to maintain vehicle to manufacturer's specifications. Most clients choose to purchase a maintenance package coinciding with the length of the lease.

Buying Leasing
You may have to sell or trade the vehicle when you decide you want a different vehicle. You can return your vehicle at any time or can trade-in at end of lease for new vehicle.

Buying Leasing
You risk the vehicle's market value when trading or selling the vehicle. When returning the vehicle, you have a predetermined end value.

Buying Leasing
You may drive as many miles as you want, but higher mileage will lower the vehicle's trade-in or resale value.

 Mileage limitations can be customized to fit driving style and needs. There are a wide variety of mileage options available.

Buying Leasing
There are no limits or charges for excessive wear to the vehicle, but excessive wear will reduce the vehicle's trade-in or resale value.

 Subaru allows $1,000 for typical wear and tear at the end of your lease. Special circumstances (i.e. tires) must meet manufacturer's specifications at end of lease.

Buying Leasing
Typically loans cover a 4-6 year period. At the end of a loan, you have no further loan payments.

 After your 2-4 year lease ends, you may have a new payment either to finance the purchase of the existing vehicle or to lease another vehicle.


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